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My Present Age-A reflection of our times
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basilius_2 Offline

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A week ago, reading through the pages of Guy Vanderhague's "My Present Age" we come across the difficulties of our times. What to do with our lives in this society?
The book is a good social commentary on the problems some baby boomers might have experienced, or are about to experience. Our hero struggles with his life,escaping into his world. He tells his friends lies, he invents amazing stories, he escapes reality. His drugs are the lies he tells to his friends, his imaginary world is the Wild West, but the reality is different:Urban jungle, steel horses that drive for many miles and steel coaches that many people drive and he is divorced.His search for the wife that left him, offers him another escape and takes him to the hospital.
The current world in which we live is a big meat grinding machine that grinds us all into one ground meat mixed with meats from different animals.Most of us are able to go through the machine lose our individuality and become a mix.
For Ed this world has nothing to offer, his world of books, fantasies offer a different reality, the one which he likes the simplicity of the Wild West, the days of heroes, villains, the chivalry of the modern age.
02-03-2010, 03:22 AM