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Confessions of a Shopaholic-Guide to frugality and Love
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dzandar Offline
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Mirza, this is a topic where MOVIES are supposed to be discussed. Even though I am not an official on the forum, I feel like I need to cut off your stream of communist brain feces and help curb the intellectual
pollution of our planet. You, my comrade are a broken record, yes the vinyl kind, which I suppose is the latest technology in your mountain village. By the way how happy are you with the grass economy of donkeys these days?

You keep blabbing on about the poor state of American living, but I get the sense that you rarely even visit the local Farmer's Co-op at center village, let alone go to the "big city" like Pozharevac or travel abroad.

In any case your conclusion that this movie is "crap from donkey", while most likely is in fact correct, is based on the wrong thought process. So, much like when one arrives to the correct solution of a mathematical problem via the wrong process I must disagree with you.

Basilius_2 and Sretko, your views are too simplistic and while you make strong cases that the given movie presents the viewer with an opportunity for some brainless entertainment, it does not make up for the fact that this was a poorly conceived project aimed at a low brow audience just for the merit of some fat men in black suits in a Hollywood studio who sniff cocaine from the anuses of crab infested prostitutes. Simply said, this movie never reaches for the stars and even if it at any point did, it would not make it. Surely it would not!

To whom ever saw this movie, even if you received free passes to see it, I say: YOU PAID TOO MUCH!

Snakie, what the hell are you smoking, man?!

Sretko, I would put some ice on those testicles as soon as possible.
Dzandar zbira! Pishtoldzija
14-02-2010, 02:42 AM

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