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Confessions of a Shopaholic-Guide to frugality and Love
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dzandar Offline
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Confessions of a Shopaholic is just another sack of vomit from the Hollywood regurgitating machine! The plot is predictable and the storyline is shallow while the direction is inconsistent and the actors are desperately below par. The 'heroine" Becky Bloomwood lacks layering as a character, she is far more reminiscent of a contemporary socialite the like of Paris Hilton, sans the night-vision pork fest, rather than the image of a strong modern woman who can take on the world without breaking a sweat. She is your typical 21st century bimbo who has no regard for the value of money, nor respect for those who have to work their way to sustenance.
This movie has been made under different guises so many times before, whoever decided to make it again should be publicly executed. All in all, even though I personally have not seen this movie I can confidently and conclusively say it is an awful waste of an hour and a half of anyone's time. One might find more enlightenment by watching some professional wrestling, the Bachelor, Flavor of Love or a Monster truck demolition derby.
Dzandar zbira! Pishtoldzija
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