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Vostanieto protiv bugarskiot okupator
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МрачниотКоњаник Offline
stop the brainfcuk

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Aj pak da povtoram, samo vie teshete se:

Kako da se manipulira so rejtingot na Alexa

A posle ova ti kje mi dadesh svoj chesen pionerski zbor deka nishto od gornovo ne e primeneto, neli...

Quote: 1) install the Alexa toolbar into your browser.

2) Create a special webpage that contains a JavaScript array of webpage addresses from your site. Then create a JavaScript function that loops through the array and opens each address into a separate browser window (make sure they all use the same window). Between cycles through the function, cause the function to “sleep” using the “timer()” function for a random interval of time between say 5 and 45 seconds. Make sure that when the function reaches the end of the array of addresses it loops back to the beginning.

3) Periodically set the script to action in your browser with the Alexa toolbar installed and let it churn away overnight. To save bandwidth you can always disable the loading of images. If you want it to be really effective, have a few friends run the same script from their browsers with the Alexa toolbar installed.

That is all there is to it. I did this about a half dozen times to one of my sites over a period of one month and it jumped up to the 80,000 mark in Alexa. I’m sure if I ran it more often it would have done even better.
Борба за слобода од шарените окупатори!
17-10-2011, 06:53 PM

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