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Confessions of a Shopaholic-Guide to frugality and Love
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dzandar Offline
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Quote:Posted by Sretko
Dear Mirza I am not Amerikan spy but mere Serbian emigre with one semester of cinema cours at University of Belgrade under my pants. Yes I haf studyed Francois Truffaut and Fellini and kan differentate between avante-Gard briliance and trumped-up post-modern oxen-poop but make no claim to be expert. I am but simple Sretko who love his daughter much and who like Basilisus 2 think that

Eh Stojko how much was tuition at Belgrade University? The last knowledge that I have is that it was free around the time you would have been attending. YOU PAID TOO MUCH!

Quote:Posted by basilius_2
he movie does need some good acting and Isla Fisher does need more practice before getting a lead role. The movie does have a good theme and a good message, but someone would ask whether Hollywood has the right to tell us what is the proper good life? What about my rights as a consumer living in consumer society like America?
Yes I personally believe that Hollywood should tell us what is the proper good life, because it is a different world out there, money don't make people happy, they make him well of materially and it is a sure way of telling whether our idea, our product is worth something.
Yes you have right as a consumer, but look at our tragic heroine Becky Bloomwood, who exercised her rights as consumer but ran into debt. Be spendthrift, balance your budget, spend and instead of buying too much clothes spend it to enlighten yourself go to a museum, art gallery. bookstore go to a local function, music concert or to the theatre or a fashion show.

Life does not start and pause at you own will, man! Make some sense or go play us some more YouTube videos. About that, did you go to University of Belgrade too? School of YouTube projection engineering?

Finally some redemption from Mirza!That's a beautiful piece of machinery, man! 64 horsepower, quiet engine, lots of comfort for at least 5! It's truly a marvel of modern engineering! The shepherds at the YUGO department can only dream of even coming close to the pinnacle of automotive creativity! What else can I say: it's the Trabant of the Balkan and beyond! One day we will topple Moskvich!
Dzandar zbira! Pishtoldzija
17-02-2010, 08:27 PM

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