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Full Version: Read before you post!
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General: When posting in a public forum, one is subject to the opinions of the entire community. The opinions expressed may support or oppose that of your own. That said, we request that users conduct themselves respectfully and demonstrate maturity when responding to others. So be sure you`ve read this topic.

When You Post:
  • Language: You can post in Forum Kotle currently and forever in every language you want to.
  • Multimedia: In your favour Forum Kotle embeds automatically videos and music from different sites in posts. So there is no need of [tags].
    - For example - if you want to include videos from sites like Youtube the only thing you have to do, is to paste the URL of the video into your post. Like this one:


    Video and music files from websites such as the ones listed below can be easily added into your post/thread by simply putting their URL in the post. Be aware if you put the URL in the end of your post/thread the video will be shown in the end. Respectively if it`s in the beginning it will be shown on the top or wherever you place it.
  • Images: Use the button in the editor when you write your post to insert an image. And don't warry about the size - it will be automatically resized to fit normal screen and yet everyone will be able to see it full-sized in new pop window.
  • Attachments: Currently - unlimited size and count.

Following Video/Audio site URLs are recoginized and automatically embedded in Forum Kotle:
# Youtube
# Dailymotion
# Google Videos
# MyVideo
# Veoh
# Clipfish
# Vimeo
# Metacafe
# Photobucket Videos
# Divshare Video + Audio
# Myspace Videos
# Megavideo
# Yahoo Videos
# Streetfire
# Sevenload
# Facebook Videos
# Last.fm Music
# TwitVid (Twitter)
# Tudou
# Collegehumor
# Trilulilu Videos
# Rutube Videos
# Gametube Videos
# Gametrailers Videos

If you need help or information contact any of our Forum Moderators.
Respect your Forum Moderators.